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Shadow: The Curious Morgan Horse


Shadow: The Curious Morgan Horse


Shadow is a young horse who is curious about everything. One day the farm's rooster tells her about a magic pond in the woods and Shadow wants to go find it. Her mother says no, but Shadow disobeys her mother and decides to explore the woods. She searches for the pond and along the way meets many different forest animals but soon gets into trouble. And when Shadow realizes she has become lost, she's afraid she won't be able to find her way home. A story that teaches an important lesson and has a happy ending, thanks to the adorable basset hound that comes to Shadow's rescue.




32 pages


9" tall x 10.5" wide

Finalist in the USA Book News Best Books Award. 

For ages 6 - 7 / Second grade reading level, "read-together" for younger horse lovers

ISBN - 978-0-9831138-3-6

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Popular children's author Ellen Feld has given kids another reason to turn off the TV and pick up a book. The story of Shadow is a heart-warming tale of an inquisitive foal who wanders into the woods beyond her pasture...Bottom line: Beyond a "Shadow" of a doubt, this is a great book. - Horsemen's Yankee Pedlar (later merged with Equine Journal)

I was as captivated by this little book as any youngster could possibly be! The story line and drawings created a smooth, gossamer, and whimsical tale that any budding animal or horse lover would appreciate and treasure...Marguerite Henry look comes Ellen F. Feld! - RoundTable Reviews

Feld really knows how to write for young children. And with such an appealing story, there is double pleasure in the beautiful pictures by Jeanne Mellin, an equine artist...Shadow is a curiously good book! - Greenfield Recorder

Shadow could become a new favorite in our house. - Sensational Divas Review

Shadow is an all around blue ribbon picture book! - LadyD Books

The story is an exciting lesson about the dangers and disappointments of wandering away from home, and Jeanne Mellin’s beautiful illustrations bring the characters to life. - Jennifer Walker, A Cup of Coffee And A Good Book

When Shadow's curiosity leads her to explore the woods beyond her pasture, she encounters a wonderful variety of forest animals, but what is she to do when she becomes lost? A new canine friend saves the day in this gentle adventure recommended for young horse lovers. - Midwest Book Review

Shadow is a delightful read-aloud or early reader book. - Lynne A. Miller, The Aiken Horse

An excellent 'read aloud' book - with lots of nice pictures to allow you to add to the story when you are reading it for the 1,000th time! - Kandee Haertel, The Sentinel

Between Feld's descriptive writing style and renowned equine artist Jeanne Mellin's charming illustrations, this book is destined to become a favorite for those just learning to read and a treasured bedtime classic for young horse lovers. - Susan Dudasik, The Western AG Reporter

The anthropomorphic animals in the story can greatly help the child learn about security and dangers outside in the world. It is also a lesson in not trusting every story a blow-hard crows about. -

Ellen Feld has done it again. Shadow is a delightful story. -  Kelly Bowers, Editor, The Rider

The latest installment from Ellen Feld's award-winning Morgan Horse series has arrived! Lavishly illustrated with 21 full-color pictures, this hardcover edition is designed to excite and charm young horse-loving readers. - All Creature's Exchange

This will be a great addition to any library collection as well as a gift for young readers at birthday or Christmas time. - TCM Reviews

Young horse lovers will enjoy reading about the adventures of Shadow, an inquisitive foal, as she investigates the exciting and strange world outside her field. Ellen F. Feld knows how to write for young riders, and Shadow is sure to please! - Lesley Ward, Editor, Young Rider Magazine

Ellen Feld is a talented, creative, artistic writer who clearly loves her topic of horses, has clearly earned the prestige of awards given by the International Reading Association, and is eager to share her passion with eager readers who will be waiting for her next novel in this series. Absolutely delightful, Ellen Feld! - Crystal Reviews