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Horses in Our Books

While the stories we publish are all fiction, many of the books feature real horses.  Come meet them!

While many of the books we publish are fiction, these stories are all based on real horses.  Come meet them! Be sure to check out the book "Meet the Morgans" for a closer look at all these wonderful horses!


Rum Brook Immortal Star (Immortal Command x Rum Brook Aphrodite), known around the farm as Blackjack, is the star of the 'Morgan Horse' series.  The author of the series, Ellen Feld, began the first book, Blackjack: Dreaming of a Morgan Horse, while Blackjack was away at the trainer's.  She missed her horse terribly and to help alleviate that longing for her horse, she wrote a story about him.  

After his successful show career, Blackjack returned to the farm to enjoy his retirement, going on an occasional trail ride and being the boss of the herd.  He is also Ellen Feld's 'best buddy' and loves to stand patiently on the cross ties while getting a nice, long brushing along with a few 'horse cookies.' 

In 2007, Breyer Animal Creations made a model of Blackjack and sold it with his book!  For the next few years, Blackjack and Ellen Feld went on tour for Breyer, visiting many equine events up and down the East Coast.


Silvershoe Sunfrost (Silvershoe Sundust x Miss Frosty Shadow) is a very rare gray Morgan.  She is extra special because there are only two lines of gray Morgans and she was the last of her line. Fortunately, through careful breeding, she has produced three grays - two daughters (one by Double Black Knockout and one by Equinox Beaubrook), and a gray son (by Ancan True Colors).  Now she even has a gray granddaughter! 

Frosty is a super sweet and gentle horse.  Like her 'Morgan Horse' series character, she isn't very happy about being worked in the ring, but she loves going on trail rides.  



Don Lee Rusty (High Meadows Royal Don x Soliloque Lisa) was author Ellen Feld's first Morgan.  He was super versatile, doing everything from carriage driving to barrel racing.  He excelled in trail competitions, winning the New England Morgan Horse Association's High Point Show Trail Award for five years. 


Soliloque Robin (Soliloque Ian x Towne Ayre Thistle) introduced author Ellen Feld to the wonderful world of Morgans.  Initially owned by a local farmer, Ellen was given the chance to train the young mare.  They quickly formed a strong bond and spent hours exploring the fields and woods around their New England town.  Many years later, when the farmer decided to sell Robin, Ellen snatched her up and brought her home to Willow Bend Morgans.


Willow Bend Fiesta (Double Black Knockout x Silvershoe Sunfrost) was the first horse born at Willow Bend Morgans.  Out of our gray mare Frosty, we were hoping for a gray filly but were given a chestnut girl instead.  Initially, we planned to sell her to make room for what we hoped would be a pasture full of gray Morgans, but she wiggled her way into our hearts and, almost ten years later, is still here (there are NO plans to ever sell her!). 

Annie is the 'talker' of the herd, calling out a greeting whenever she sees 'her people.'  Super laid back and easy going, she's a blast to trail ride.  Sadly, a few years ago she was diagnosed with EPM, but with great vet care and meds, she has come through strongly.  While Annie will never be 100% again, she still loves to run around the pasture and is quite happy to go on a gentle trail ride.


CBMF No Exceptions (GLB Bell Pepper x CBMF Winning Touch) is a very special horse.  Owned by Nicholas Feld, he was won in a national essay contest by then 12-year-old Nicky!  Nicky wrote an essay on "Why I Want To Win A Morgan Horse," and he was quite surprised to discover his essay was the winning one.  Rimmie and Nicky have been best friends ever since and are inseparable.



Willow Bend Shadow (Double Black Knockout x Silvershoe Sunfrost) is the daughter of Frosty and the first gray that Frosty produced.  Like her mother, Shadow is very sweet and loving.  She has produced one gray foal (thus making Frosty a grandma!) and has secured the continuance of this very rare gray line of Morgans.


Every farm needs a spunky pony mascot and Rolling Ridge Rerun (Pegasus Plantation's Playboy x Mustardseed's Legionaire's Lady) is ours!  Originally purchased to introduce the young Feld children to the world of horses, the kids have grown and long since moved on to horses, but the pony is still here.  Rerun is actually a Miniature horse, not a pony, but with her "I'm the Boss" attitude, you might think she's a full-sized horse.  Well-behaved but with 'tude, she's an awesome driving pony and has won many awards at the local level.  

Donk_website image.jpg


Donkey-Donk is the newest star to grace the pages of our books.  She has her very own series, the "A Donkey-Donk Story" series.  Donk is a registered Miniature Mediterranean Donkey. Purchased from a breeder who traveled all the way from Indiana to Massachusetts to attend the annual Equine Affaire with several of his miniature donkeys, she quickly wiggled her way into our hearts.  She is funny and never shy about sharing her opinion.  She will, however, stop braying if she thinks a human is watching her.  A fearless little character, she has happily taken on all the "dress-up" roles we've asked of her for the books' photoshoots, amazing those around her with how willingly she accepts anything we ask her to do, from walking into a wading pool to standing within the "shafts" of a cart, facing the wrong direction.

Liam_laughing_low res.jpg


Liam is the star of our first non-fiction book, What Does A Police Horse Do? He is an active member of the Lancaster, PA Police Department where he works with his partner, Officer Eric Lukacs. A Clydesdale x Hackney cross, he was discovered by his current unit in Canada where he was giving tourists rides through the city. He has become quite the celebrity since his book was published and is enjoying every minute of his new found fame.