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Robin: The Lovable Morgan Horse

Robin Cover no award 300.jpg
Robin Cover no award 300.jpg

Robin: The Lovable Morgan Horse


Robin, the fourth book in the Morgan Horse series, introduces the character of Karen Greene and her Morgan, the lovable, sweet, and somewhat lazy Robin. Karen is a bit shy, and desperate for friends. When Robin gets a stone bruise and can't be ridden, the inexperienced rider gives in to peer pressure and rides a horse she knows she can't handle. When the horse bolts and Karen is injured, the girl is afraid to ride any horse - including Robin. Her parents decide to move Robin to Gallant Morgans in the hopes that Heather and Blackjack can help Karen overcome her new fears. Meanwhile, when one of the horses from Gallant Morgans is hurt while on a trail ride, the gang is determined to find who is responsible. Karen hopes to help solve the mystery until an unexpected blizzard hits and she is lost in the woods with Robin. Karen will have to depend on the deep bond she has with her Morgan if they are to survive the cold and snow. 

This story also introduces Robin's sidekick, the adorable gray and white pinto Miniature horse Rerun, and Champ, the small Dachshund puppy with a big attitude.

Winner of the Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award. In addition, Robin was awarded 'Top 20 Products of the Year' by Parent to Parent, an organization dedicated to honoring excellence in children's products! 




204 pages

Six gray-scale drawings

Dimensions: 5.5" x 8.5"

For ages 9 - 13 / Fourth through Sixth grade

ISBN 978-0-9709002-5-8

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Any pre-teen rider is bound to be enthralled by Robin's combination of fiction and education...this truly is a novel all about kids and the horses they love, so any kid who loves horses is bound to love this tale. - Iris Blasi, ForeWord Magazine

For those who remember the story of Black Beauty and other similar tales, this young adult novel is precious indeed! The characters are "real" teens whose need to respond to the safety of both horses and humans develops into a passion that will move the hardest of hearts! Superbly told, Ms. Feld! - Viviane Crystal, The Best Reviews

Robin is a great book for both girls and boys. Our Family Testers found the book to be a wonderful display of excellent educational values...should be in all libraries and homes. - Jodie Lynn, CEO of Parent to Parent (Robin won the Adding Wisdom Award from Parent to Parent and was selected as a 'Top 20 Products of 2006' by the same organization. 

The author is to be commended for writing a story that captivates readers with an exciting adventure while appealing to both their emotions and intellect. - Curled up with a Good Kid's Book 

What a blessing it is to find good clean books that children love! - The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Once again Ellen is right on the mark when it comes to a believable story with the delicious overtones of whimsy and fantasy that horses conjure up in all of us. -

Feld uses plenty of conflict on many levels and a string of obstacles and the characters' solutions to craft a very interesting story with a quick pace. We rated this book five hearts. - Bob Spear, Heartland Reviews 

Girls (and guys) who long for the full equine experience will savor this fourth story in the Morgan Horse series. - Kim and Sean Peterson, Reader Views 

Teens who love horses will love the newest Feld book - Feld has a gift for capturing the imagination and engaging the reader. - Irmarie Jones, The Greenfield Recorder 

Interspersed within Robin are several situations that may confront any young teen. The book encourages sportsmanship, friendship, sharing, respect, safety and the humane treatment of animals. Robin is a welcome addition to the young reader list. It provides positive, exciting literature that flows well and will captivate the reader. - The Aiken Horse 

Ellen Feld's love of horses comes through on every page, drawing the reader into the world of horse ownership. The horses are real horses, with real personalities — each one different — and horse-loving tweens will fall for them in a big way. - Sheila Ruth Wands and Worlds 

Like Feld's other books, don't be surprised if you end up reading Robin in one sitting as it is a fun-filled, educational, horsey adventure with numerous twists, turns and an unexpected mystery. - Cascade Horseman 

This book makes me smile; it is a delightful adventure of a young girl who has survived an accident on one horse and slowly regains her confidence with her own beloved Morgan horse. Along the way, a fair amount of valuable information about horses is blended into the story. It is a great tale and will be treasured by a great many young readers. - Pamela Crossland, TCM Reviews 

Feld provides excellent insight on the kinds of thoughts and self-doubt a rider has and what it takes to overcome those doubts. - Susan Dudasik, AG Weekly 

This book has a great story line, is a quick fun read and talks about dealing with peer pressure. Ride along with Karen and her Morgan mare Robin while they learn some of life's lessons together. - Northwest Horse Source 

This novel was fantastic. This story was very inspiring, and really developed the relationship between Karen and her horse. This book evokes a range of emotions, and draws in the reader 100 percent. The story will more than satisfy anyone of any age who is looking for a good read. - The Reading Tub

Robin makes the reader want to find and read the other books in this series. I recommend this book to anyone who loves horses. - N. Marano, PETroglyphs