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Justin Morgan and the Big Horse Race


Justin Morgan and the Big Horse Race


Justin Morgan is a proud, beautiful stallion living in the hills of Vermont.  He works hard to help farm the land and when he  has time to play, he loves to run through his field, bucking and rearing as he goes.  One day, two racehorses appear and challenge him to a race.  What Justin doesn't know, however, is that the two racehorses plan to trick him into racing twice - once against each horse.  Will Justin accept the challenge, and if he does, is there any way he can win two races?

Loosely based on the true story of Justin Morgan, the first Morgan horse, Justin Morgan and the Big Horse Race introduces readers to the famous stallion and shows just what is possible when you believe in yourself and have friends who believe in you too.  As an added bonus, at the back of the book is a "Did You Know?" fact page with information on the real horse, the famous race, as well as his first owner, Justin Morgan, a teacher and musician.

Written by IRA award-winning author Ellen Feld and lavishly illustrated by famed equine illustrator Jeanne Mellin, this book is sure to capture the imagination.




32 pages


9" tall x 10.5" wide

Justin Morgan is a Mom’s Choice Awards® Gold Recipient!

Second grade reading level, "read-together" for younger horse lovers

ISBN - 978-0-9831138-1-2

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This book is truly a gem.  The story was endearing, and the colorful drawings are spectacular. - Jennifer Ladewig, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine  

A beautiful story with magnificent drawings that's pure entertainment for children. This tale teaches one and all that with determination, hard work, spirit and friendship anything is possible.  - Amy Lignor, Feathered Quill Book Reviews

A delightful story about the Morgan Breed's foundation sire. It is entertaining, informative, and also embodies the true spirit of the Morgan Horse. - Harry Sebring, President, American Morgan Horse Association

I really liked how the author included the dialog of the horses in the story, and the illustrations of the horses were beautiful. At the end of the story is a brief history of how Justin Morgan got his name as well as how his ancestry can be traced back to 1789. I would recommend Justin Morgan and the Big Horse Race to kids who love a wonderful story about horses. - Emilee Summers (age 12) for Reader Views Kids 

Justin Morgan and the Big Horse Race is based on an actual event which took place in Brookfield, Vermont in 1796.  Color illustrations of Justin Morgan and other horses are beautiful accompaniments to the historic horse tale. - Midwest Book Review